Brand history

Skil 0790 RA (F0150790RA)


manual blower+vacuum cleaner, electric motor 2800 watts, air consumption 13 cubic m/min, 3.8 kg

Main (Skil 0790 RA (F0150790RA))
Design manual
Function vacuum/garbage collection
Mulching 10 : 1
Engine type electric
The engine 2 800 W
Performance and energy efficiency (Skil 0790 RA (F0150790RA))
The air flow in the fan shroud 13 cubic meters/min
The speed of the air in the cowl 75 m/s
Design and dimensions (Skil 0790 RA (F0150790RA))
Flexible pipe
Shoulder strap
Soft-grip handle
Fixation speed (cruise control)
Bag for garbage collection 40 l
Round nozzle included
Flat nozzle included
Weight 3.8 kg
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